I've made one of those daily word game things! But it's not just Wordle in a hat, it's a totally different puzzle and I'm really pleased with how it came out.



Was introduced to this with today's puzzle (puzzle 4) and it took me ages, then went to puzzle 1 and flew through it ;P

Maybe I'd have done it the other way around if I knew how varying the difficulty could be...
Any chance of showing a difficulty stat for each puzzle?

Something like a combination of the number of possible incorrect words & length of the correct words, tweaked into maybe a 5 star or out-of-10 rating to avoid providing enough detail that you could use it to help solve?

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@ddm Interesting. I wonder how accurate such a model could be without waiting to see how hard all the puzzles are. Today's does seem to be pushing people a lot harder than the last few but I genuinely don't know if I can realistically predict that before letting people play it.

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