Some quick peeks through F1 Manager 22's data:
There is data for Daniil Kvyat, Kimi Raikkonen & Nikita Mazepin. These drivers have full performance values.
There are also some older drivers, but these have no real data: they're just names for use with tracks' Fastest Lap records.

There's also some very unfinished dev work possibly looking at female drivers, and stats for an unused Medical Bay building.

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There are unused stat types for "Material" and "Suspension". (Suspension parts in-game just reuse Aero stats.)

Wondered why DRS seems so overpowered? Well, a rear wing with maximised DRS Delta stat will apply a 4.4% top speed increase and a *65%* acceleration increase to your car while DRS is active.

There's also sound data for changing the game speed to 32x and 64x, likely removed because the game already has issues when switching from 16x -> 1x.

There are set ages at which each member of staff will retire. This includes drivers:
Lance Stroll retires at the youngest age (33), and Fernando Alonso retires at the oldest age (44).
Generated drivers will retire between 36 and 40.

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