Updated gt7info with the new ticket reward chances, modified in v1.18.
There's a substantial increase in 4 star tickets and a substantial decrease in 1 star and 2 star tickets for players above Level 15.


The Menu Book Used Cars section is finally up!
This is super, super late, so my apologies: I recieved the data for this almost 3 months ago now...

Alongside the Ticket Reward icon shown in the UCD, a list of all cars that can be won from tickets is available.
Again, tickets can also only provide parts for these cars!

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Long overdue updates to the GT7 Info site.

New icons let you know where you can use all those engine swaps that you've been getting through legitimate means,
or if the car is obtainable from tickets (which also means it's special parts are obtainable!)

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that the estimate is now an accurate number instead of a range.

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