There are set ages at which each member of staff will retire. This includes drivers:
Lance Stroll retires at the youngest age (33), and Fernando Alonso retires at the oldest age (44).
Generated drivers will retire between 36 and 40.

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There are unused stat types for "Material" and "Suspension". (Suspension parts in-game just reuse Aero stats.)

Wondered why DRS seems so overpowered? Well, a rear wing with maximised DRS Delta stat will apply a 4.4% top speed increase and a *65%* acceleration increase to your car while DRS is active.

There's also sound data for changing the game speed to 32x and 64x, likely removed because the game already has issues when switching from 16x -> 1x.

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Some quick peeks through F1 Manager 22's data:
There is data for Daniil Kvyat, Kimi Raikkonen & Nikita Mazepin. These drivers have full performance values.
There are also some older drivers, but these have no real data: they're just names for use with tracks' Fastest Lap records.

There's also some very unfinished dev work possibly looking at female drivers, and stats for an unused Medical Bay building.
Very basic proof of concept for a GT7 dashboard app using "Simulator Interface" data reverse engineered by Nenkai.

I don't do mobile development, so this is just a C#/WPF app shown over the top of my capture card output.

Source code for the interface (not this dash) can be found at

Updated gt7info with the new ticket reward chances, modified in v1.18.
There's a substantial increase in 4 star tickets and a substantial decrease in 1 star and 2 star tickets for players above Level 15.

Finally, you might have noticed that all the long lists which made scrolling down the page a pain have been split into their own pages.
You can access all of them through the navigation section on the home page, though I might add a sticky navigation bar to all pages at some point.

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The Menu Book Used Cars section is finally up!
This is super, super late, so my apologies: I recieved the data for this almost 3 months ago now...

Alongside the Ticket Reward icon shown in the UCD, a list of all cars that can be won from tickets is available.
Again, tickets can also only provide parts for these cars!

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Long overdue updates to the GT7 Info site.

New icons let you know where you can use all those engine swaps that you've been getting through legitimate means,
or if the car is obtainable from tickets (which also means it's special parts are obtainable!)

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that the estimate is now an accurate number instead of a range. 👀

Now we just have to wait for a public exploit / method to get the GT7 data volume to extract in the first place...

Was introduced to this with today's puzzle (puzzle 4) and it took me ages, then went to puzzle 1 and flew through it ;P

Maybe I'd have done it the other way around if I knew how varying the difficulty could be...
Any chance of showing a difficulty stat for each puzzle?

Something like a combination of the number of possible incorrect words & length of the correct words, tweaked into maybe a 5 star or out-of-10 rating to avoid providing enough detail that you could use it to help solve?

Some fiddling has been going on behind the scenes with the GT7 info site: if you got a 404 page at any point, sorry about that (thanks, caching and/or GitHub and/or DNS).

That should all be resolved with the site now being displayed at both and

If you have questions about the site, or want to prod me about the data.json output, etc:
you can find me through the GT Modding Community Discord

Seen as this will be my first Mastodon (/fediverse/insert-word-here) post:

Hi! 👋
I work on modding for Gran Turismo 5 & 6 and host a site that provides info for Gran Turismo 7.
I plan on mostly using Mastodon in the same way I use Twitter: providing detail and clips of mods & mod tooling improvements for GT games, as well as detail about any improvements made to the gt7info site.

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